Workout Recovery and Nutrition

Refuel, Rebuild and Re-hydrate. These 3 R’s are very important when it comes to Workout Recovery and Nutrition. These 3 principles provide energy to replace muscle glycogen stores, helping to maximize the repair of muscle damage, and sufficiently replenishing any fluids and electrolytes lost during training. Also maximizing the training effect, depending on the type, intensity…

Stomach Vacuum – Exercise for flat stomach

Need flat stomach and strong core, Stomach Vacuum is the exercise for you. Stomach Vacuum, it sounds bit silly. But this is one of the best exercise to get flat stomach and strengthen your abdominal muscles. This exercise is originally originated from ancient yoga practices. Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger also used to do this workout to…

Stretching & Flexibility Lesson III

Quads are the group of muscles at the front of your thigh. Tightness and pain in your thighs (quads and other muscles) is commonly associated with any physical activity like running, swimming, cycling or any activity that gives thigh workout. If the tightness in muscles is not addressed timely, they can pull the kneecap out of position slightly, causing friction at the knee which can cause serious knee problems in future.

6 Variations of Sit-ups

If you are really serious about targeting your abs, try a plan that includes sit-ups as part of the workout. Sit-ups can be performed almost anywhere because you don’t need any equipment and can be included in most workouts. Sit-ups involve a greater range of movement and more lifting motion, sit-ups force you to work not…

GCC-G Juice

Green Apple, Cucumber, Celery (or Coriander) and Ginger Juice

Stretching & Flexibility Lesson II

Calf Muscles Pain and Stretching : After run and leg workout, Calf muscles tightness and pain is common. In this post I will be talking about some of the reasons that cause it, and it’s prevention. I will also take you through few stretches to deal with the calf tightness and pain.