Stretching and Flexibilty


The most IMPORTANT part of your workout routine. And most IGNORED one as well . FOCUS ON FLEXIBILITY  —

It is very commonly seen that people always give priority to their workouts and mostly avoid any form of focused stretching. Stretching often takes the backseat to our workout Routine.

Here’s why you should start finally paying attention to your stretching or cool down.


Stretching opens up your range of motion and increases flexibility; not stretching drastically reduces mobility in the joints and muscles, which increases your risk for injury. Reduced flexibility in the muscle and joint leads to a change in bio-mechanics or normal function and contributes to increased tension at the tendon.

Every muscle is connected. Not stretching will only increase tightness in the body, allowing muscles to pull on joints, causing major pain in knee, glutes, neck and other important part of body.


Stretching provides you –

  • better alignment and improve overall posture.
  • reduce stress – stretching each day can help calm the mind, providing a mental break and giving your body a chance to recharge.
  • avoid muscle imbalances
  • decrease risk of injury. 
  • avoid pain
  • improve your athletic performance
  • increase blood flow into the muscles
  • increase your range of motion

VERY IMPORTANT – Make sure you do not bounce when stretching. Bouncing while stretching may tear muscles—which can lead to scar tissue, tight muscles, decreased flexibility and increased soreness. When you stretch, hold each stretch for 20 to 40 seconds and repeat 2 to 3 times. Keep your core engaged, normal breathing and no stress anywhere during the stretching exercise.

In next couple of days, I will take you through best stretches for different muscles and muscles group. That will help you to release pain and tightness and will increase your flexibility. Inbuilt them in your workout routine to avoid problems explained above.

Refer “Hamstring and glutes stretches

Refer “Calf muscles stretches

Refer “Quads muscles stretches


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