Fruits are making you FAT !!

Yes !!  Think twice before you eat fruits !!

We all know, heard and learnt since we started knowing this world; fruits and veggies are the best loved by your body and mind, full of vitamins and minerals. Yes, it is very much true BUT watch out when you are eating

Do not eat fruits after meal or after food. Here is the reason why !!

Fruits contain fructose (fruit sugar).

Sugar story – Sugar gives your body insulin spikes. These insulin spikes turn into glycogen, which provide our body with energy. If this glycogen isn’t used as a fuel, as it’s intended to, it converts into adipose tissue or fat. Also, fat cannot be turned back to glucose.

Fruit story – When you eat a complete meal, composed of carbs, protein and fats, the liver glycogen reserves get full. The fruits eaten after a meal, like it’s usually done, release fructose (fruits sugar) into the liver. Liver is responsible to turn this fructose into glycogen. But since your glycogen reserves are already full by the meal you had eaten before eating fruits, the chances of the glycogen from fructose to turn into fat increases because this glycogen is not being used by the muscles as a fuel.

What you should do ? – Although the sugar fruit is not as dangerous as processed sugar but watch when you are eating fruit. Try consuming fruits before or after a workout. Thus, the glycogen from the fruits will be used as energy, preventing it from being stored as fat. If you are specifically looking to cut body fat percentage (bodybuilding), limit fruit intake to once a day, preferably on an empty stomach or before training.

While a physically active person successfully uses the glycogen, a sedentary person gains weight. So include physical exercise in your routine.

Enjoy fruits benefits at it fullest by choosing the right time to eat !!

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