My first love :) :)

My first love : A life because of sports !!

Sports and Success has a deep connection in my life. I define SPORT as :

S – Soldier, Strategy
P – Performance, Progression
O – Organized
R – Respect
T – Target, Trust

I really do not remember when and how exactly it started. I started playing and participating in games/sport since I can recall my memory. I feel that I was born with it in me. Grew up playing different sports. I played almost all the games that were in my approach at that time; Football, Hockey, Basket Ball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi and Gymnastics & Yoga as well, at District and State level. Never left any opportunity to play.


How can I leave athletics, which is on top of all the games; 100 M, 200 M , 400 M, Relay Race, Hurdle Race, Disk Throw, Long Jump, Shot Put…I was always there :). NO STOPPING !!

“Best Sports Girl” trophy, when I was in III rd Grade. Too young to handle 😉 ;). The trophy was meant for Senior Student and used to be given for 1 year only and then to be transferred to best sports student of next year. The school gave me the trophy to keep it with me forever :). AHAA !! What an achievement for a 8 year old !!

I still remember that day of prize distribution. My name was announced, I received the prize but before I could reach at my place again “Shilpa Sharma”, then “Shilpa Sharma”, again “Shilpa Sharma”….7 times , one after another… My hands became short to hold them.

I think it started from home. I was very small, around 5-6 years old, started going for morning walk with my father. Used to try head-stand with support of the wall, and other yoga poses on my own. Do not remember whom did I see doing those. But I just wanted to do them at any condition. Fell, got hurt many times, tried again and again but at last could do head stand without support in few months. What a great feeling, it was !!

Playing sport/games made me a better person and what I am ! It built me a strong person not only physically but mentally more. It built courage, confidence, focus, perseverance, determination, respect for others, working as team skills in me. Moreover it gave me a FIGHTER SPIRIT and NEVER TO GIVE UP gut!!

There is proven scientific research behind body’s physical activity with mind and soul. My that active routine during school and college days used to soothe my Emotional Brain(Primitive Brain) and was keeping it relaxed. I was only engaging my PFC (pre frontal cortex) of brain for any other tasks/work, I was doing. And I used to be more focused, active and attentive in my daily routine, studies and other work. This is very much true in my present life as well.
Refer this for brain theory –Primitive Brain and PFC

I believe sports is the best thing happened in my life. Now also my workouts, yoga, running, cycling, swimming (which I learnt 2 years back) are fuel to my energy.

Just a message to all — Give a pause to you routine, think once. Add some physical activity, sport in your routine. Life will be busy always. But find out 30 to 60 minutes from 24 hours for self only. And see the difference.

Motivate and involve your kids in sports .

Take charge of yourself. Getup and decide now. It is never too late to start.



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