6 Variations of Sit-ups

If you are really serious about targeting your abs, try a plan that includes sit-ups as part of the workout. Sit-ups can be performed almost anywhere because you don’t need any equipment and can be included in most workouts.

Sit-ups involve a greater range of movement and more lifting motion, sit-ups force you to work not only your abdominal muscles, but also impact the connecting stabilizer muscles, such as hip flexors and the muscles in your legs and chest. Sit-ups are a better option for a full body workout.

Form and Posture –  Performing sit-ups with proper form gives you maximum benefit and minimize your risk of injury. Proper form is important when performing a sit-up in order to maximize your strength gains and reduce your risk of injury.

There are many variations in Sit-ups. I am demonstrating some of them here. You can refer my following videos to start with sit-ups movements.

Basic Rule – While doing sit-ups, keep your core engaged (by pulling your belly button towards your spine) all the time. Keeping spine neutral ( no curve or hunch in spine) and no stress in neck and shoulders; keep them relaxed.

While the sit-up offers many health and fitness benefits, talk to your doctor before trying these exercise, especially if you have a history of back or neck pain.

Normal Sit-Up

How to do it :
Step 1: To begin a proper sit-up — lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent (as shown in video above).
Step 2: Position your hands behind your head with your elbows pointed outward. Do not allow your elbows to collapse toward each other during the sit-up.
Step 3: Exhale through mouth and nose and lift your head and shoulders off the ground by contracting your abdominal muscles. Do not not use your hand, arms or neck to pull yourself but instead concentrate on your abdominal muscles to pull your torso up. Keep your head in line with your spine and do not arch your lower back. Continue lifting your torso until you are in a seated position. Hold this position for a count of two.
Step 4: Inhale with nose ( keep your mouth close) and reverse the movement by slowly lowering your torso back to the floor with control ; do not drop or fall. Keep your lower back and feet in contact with the floor throughout the movement.
Step 5: Perform the movement with control on your abdominal muscles in order to avoid recruiting other muscles. Do not jerk or use momentum of your body during up and down movement.
VERY IMPORTANT – Do not keep any stress in your neck and shoulders anytime, while performing the the Sit-Ups. Also maintain the abdominal contraction all the time, till you complete your Sit-Ups counts.
You can use a wall as a block at your feet side to prevent any movement in leg and make the workout bit easier.

Table Top Sit-Up

How to do it : Start with the body posture same way as “Normal Sit-Ups”. Now lift your feet up from the floor and keep your leg in table top position (shown in video above).

Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5 are same as normal sit-ups . During the movement, you can keep your hand on the side of head or can move with your body as shown in video. While coming up try to touch your ankle with your hands.

Straight leg Sit-Up

How to do it : Keep the body posture and breathing pattern same way as “Normal Sit-Ups”. Now raise your leg straight up; making 90 degree from your body on the floor (shown in video above). Keep your feet flex, not pointed.

Follow Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5 of normal sit-ups. While coming up try to touch your toes with your hands.

Butterfly Sit-Up

How to do it : Start from “Normal Sit-Ups” position. Keep your legs in butterfly position; feet joining and facing each other ( as shown in video above).

Follow Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5 of normal sit-ups. While coming up try to touch your hands on the floor or toes.

Side Sit-Up

How to do it : Lie down on the floor in “Normal Sit-Ups” position.

Step 2: Keeping knees together, drop your legs to right side; keeping your upper body fully on the floor. Keep left hand one head and right hand on your left torso ( as shown in (shown in above video).

Follow Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5 of normal sit-ups. Repeat the same on left side.

Weighted Sit-Up

How to do it : Lie down on floor the on “Normal Sit-Ups” position. Hold a dumbbell or weighted plate with both your hands. Keep weight in front of the chest.

Now follow Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5 , same as normal sit-ups. Move your hand front and bring weight up as you lift your body up and bring it back to starting position as you came back in normal position ( refer above video).

Try these exercises at least three times a week with healthy and right, you will start seeing the results in few weeks’ time.

Enjoy working out. Please post your comments below !!


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