I am a sweet tooth…

Sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

Many times I came across people who express their love to sugar as I am a sweet tooth.” “I can’t control my sweet cravings“.

The truth is – not only you, most of us love to eat sweet. Yes, sweets gives you instant energy, gives you feel good factor, releases your stress and tension. Did you ever think why ??

Why this happens ?

All this is related to the patterns we are following since long long time. “These kinds of cravings come from long-established patterns,” example – “from our childhood memories when we were kids; we were soothed or rewarded with Chocolates, Ice-creams or cookies  for doing well 🙂 . These personal memories of Tastes, textures and aromas built-up positive personal memories  and have a strong ability to make us smile, and sweet treats.

Sugar is more addictive than cocaine

Some studies show sugar is more addictive than cocaine. We are prisoners to sugar, because we lack the hormone to tell us when we’re eating it… so we keep eating it and eating it. But good news is that you can control and deal with your hormones by taking conscious decisions at that moment.

All of us know sugar is bad for health and is big hurdle in loosing wight and muscle building. Sugar robs your body of vital nutrients, causes inflammation, anxiety and irritability.

How to deal with it 

Don’t get discourage with all these facts. The easiest way to deal with a sugar addiction is to cut out sugar from your diet instead eliminating it completly. Depending on your personality and how strong your addition is, you might need to cut back slowly rather than suddenly.

Be aware that the hardest part on reducing/cutting sugar from your diet; will be the urges and cravings that are bound to hit within the first week to 10 days. But if you get to control over it you won the main battle . And slowly you will start building the patterns in your mind and body to “Stay away from sugar”.

Follow some of the steps listed below to get your control over sugar.

1.Treating mood swings– Treat your mood swings with some other food which gives you same comfort as sugary food like peanut jaggary, home made sesame seeds/Jaggery Laddo, Jaggery.

Choose the food that you love that isn’t sugary. It could also be an activity and pamper yourself by taking a bubble bath or going out for a manicure. If your brain starts getting the same signal of pleasure from something else, it won’t require as much sugar to feel good.

2.Prepare at home – Home made food is always the best food you can go for. Whenever possible prepare your meal at home. Choose whole foods, like fruits, vegetables, whole gains and fish instead of processed or pre-prepared food. They are high on nutrition, low in calories and minimize the added sugars you’re eating.

3.Choose your food options carefully – Include complex carbohydrates like wheat, oats, ragi, jowar, brwon rice in your meal. Cut down simple carbohydrate like white bread, white rice, potato chips, baked goods and syrups in your diet. This food not only affect your blood sugar and can fuel sugar cravings.

4.Kick Your Soda Habit – Stay away from any soft drinks and similar kind of other sugar-sweetened beverages like sports / energy drinks and fruit juices. All these are main source of added sugars. Instead shift to fresh lime juice and fresh fruit juices ( without sugar).

5.Avoid Artificial Sweeteners – Say BIG NOOO … to artificial sweetener. Don’t make artifical sweentner as a substitute of sugar. They perpetuate your sugar cravings. Instead, to ease into cutting back your sugar intake; if you currently use two packets of sugar in your coffee, for instance, scale down to 1.5, then one, and then nothing.

You can add instead natural sweetener in your diet without compromising on taste but with addition of health benefits. Refer “natural sweetener guide” for details.

6.Eliminate Temptation – Try to keep all sugary stuff away from your sight. Keep your fridge clean. 

Do not go empty stomach to parties. Have small portion of healthy food at home, before going to parties. It will help in keeping you away from binging at party.

7.Calculated Shopping – Shop strategically. Read the nutritional facts on the packed food. Also refer the ingredients. Those all ending in “ose,” such as dextrose and sucrose are sugar factory.


What Do YOU Think?

Do you know on daily basis how much sugar you consume? What are the recommended guidelines? Have you ever tried to cut back on your sugar intake? What ways you tried or What did you do? Any of the above steps did you try?  Share your stories and suggestions in the comments section below!

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